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The Most Linteresting Man in the World

February 16, 2012

most linteresting man in the world

“Where the hell have you been? You haven’t written in a year!” – Basically all of my blog groupies

Great question. I’m quite glad you asked. I’ve been couchsurfing with Jeremy Lin. From the depths of the unknown to shaking hands & kissing babies with Jay-Z, we’ve taken NYC by storm. Okay, maybe I haven’t, but this has sure been entertaining to watch from California. As a huge sports fan (and particularly basketball), what more could you ask for? I’m not going to ramble on with my thoughts on the situation, the NBA’s ability to scout, etc. because everybody who can talk/type/scribble already has, but I thought the image above was pretty awesome…and inevitable with his last name.

I’m going to leave you with something. Here are some of my favorite pieces, so far, that have come from this (I saved the best for last):

What do you think of Linsanity?

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