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Clay Matthews Continues to Sack Competition

November 22, 2010
Clay Matthews Sack Celebration

Half Man/Half Clay: Hide your quarterbacks...

In the embarrassing dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday, which led to Chili’s firing, Clay Matthews picked up another sack. That sack puts him at 11.5 on the season and a 2-sack lead on a surprising star in Cameron Wake. It also puts Matthews on pace to finish with an impressive 18.5 sacks on the year.

This past weekend, Matthews also unveiled his new website, which comes just a few days after he started showing off his Fantapper app, which let’s you follow him around the internet.

On his website, you can check out his biography, Facebook, and Twitter, along with access to the Clay Matthews apparel store with some pretty awesome t-shirts.

In case you don’t, you should follow Clay on Twitter (@ClayMatthews52) and get his Fantapper app (Clay Matthews Fantapper).

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